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IoT Tribes – A MakersTribe Community

Internet of Things (IoT) technology simply redefines the way we do our daily activities. Won’t you be thrilled when you can control your ceiling fan just through your smartphone? IoT professionals can turn your everyday use item into a smart IoT device with their expertise.

You can also be an IoT expert with guidance and having proper hands-on. At the MakersTribe IoT community, you get a chance to work as a team along with IoT experts and possibly becoming one. Come, grab the opportunity to join the community, and together let’s sail into the world of drones, Alexas, and automation.

When it is started and how it is designed?

The IoT community was started more than 4 years ago and then came the birth of MakersTribe. Later it is evolved that multiple communities came under the umbrella MakersTribe.

Speaker Meeting – IoT expert will be sharing his learning, professional experiences, challenges with the community

HackDay workshop – Having complete hands-on by working together as small groups

50-60 participants every alternative week

Open to all – Beginners, Intermediate, and ExpertsThe IoT community is designed to bring together enthusiasts who are passionate to build internet devices and thus enabling the individual with skills to build devices that bring solutions to challenges in your daily activities.

Who We Are

The IFA IoT community is one among the long list of communities at MakersTribe. We are the largest active IoT community in South East Asia with more than 2500 members.

What We Do

We welcome people who have a craze for internet devices and providing them with the space to learn the tech by networking with like-minded people. We conduct HackDay events, where you come with your laptop and provide the necessary components by grouping into a team then guiding everyone to build smart devices together. This will provide you a potential mini hackathon experience. During the recent flash floods in Cuddalore, our IoT community came together and built 300+ devices and donated thus enabling people to charge their smartphones through bike batteries.


  • Working together as a team and finding solutions
  • Expert guidance
  • Networking with like-minded IoT professionals
  • Job & Freelance project references
  • Opportunity to contribute open-source IoT projects

How to Join the Community

The workshop happens This is an open community where you can join us through our website contact info, and also via our social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and others.

Upcoming Events

Stay tuned, we will be announcing soon.

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