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Quora Tribes – A MakersTribe Community

Learning is always a brain-enriching program, it helps to improve the health of the brain. When the learning happens as part of a group of individuals then a conversation builds, and that brings various perspectives into place which enabling a better learning experience. Here we have the Quora Tribes, a MakersTribe community where you get to discuss into a group and find answers.

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About The Community

Quora Tribes, a MakersTribe community where professionals get together and mimic the online Quora experience offline. Simple as that, as a bunch of enthusiasts, we connect at regular intervals in various locations in Chennai and enable an environment with a Quora-like experience. The community was here for quite a long time and we have had around 9 Quora Tribes for now.

Professionals raise questions similar to the one that happens in the Quora platform and people get to answer for it and it creates a community-driven experience within the community. People from diverse industry background connects through this community and share, exchange ideas and have a different experience. Creating possibilities for online professionals to have an online communication


  • A knowledgeable sharing experience
  • People believe Quora answers, and Google too
  • Good online presence for individual and the brand
  • Possibilities of getting overseas projects work are high
  • Good platform to leverage a professional

How to join the community

Connect with us through our social media platforms.

Upcoming Events

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