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Domains and Hosting


Generally, we all have a question in our mind. How to grow online ? Here is a all in one solution. Create your website, get a domain name and fast hosting. First, let us know about Domains. A domain is an identification string which defines authority or control within the internet. In short, it is like your name in the internet. A domain can be purchased from the Internet Service Provider. Can we own a domain name? Well, we cannot own a domain name, we can only purchase the usage or rights. We should also check the copyright issues before we buy a domain name.

domain names
Domain Names Extension Domain Name Domain Extension

Types of Domain

  • Normal Domain Name- .com, .in, .org, .net
  • Top Level Domain Name- .co, .club, .fit, .tv, .bar
  • Country Code Top Level Domain Name- .in, .pk, .uk, .us

Points to remember before buying a domain name

We need to check the social media handles. We should keep it easy to type and remember. A domain name should have about 3 to 6 characters. Above all, the domain name should protect your brand. The domain name registration is done on a yearly basis. Also, we can prepay for 10 years and have a domain name without any other pay for 10 years.


Hosting like a memory space to store the files. We all have our house to stay and store our things. Similarly, our website needs some space to keep its resources. That space is provided by the hosting providers.

Types of Hosting

  • Shared Server
  • Virtual Private Server
  • Dedicated Server
  • Cloud Hosting

Shared Server

It is the basic and affordable type of web hosting plan. Here, one server is shared by a number of different websites so that each member split the cost. For example, it is like staying at hostel and sharing the room rent. The Shared hosting plan is the best affordable way for small businesses and new website owners to get their website up.

Virtual Private Server

It works like having a private server so that you need not worry about how much traffic other websites get. You will get the root access of your server. It has more customization options. For example, it is like a rental home where a single person or a single family stay and pay the rent. It is the best option for mid sized business website owners. Also, it is better than the Shared Server.

Dedicated Server

It is a top tier kind of hosting. Here, you can rent a full server from a web hosting provider, all for yourself. For example, it is like buying a own house as the name explains it is dedicated only for you. A Dedicated Server is suitable for big business and websites that get a lot of traffic. The cost is high than other servers. It has higher quality and assistance is provided with the installation.

Cloud Hosting

It is a type of hosting in which the user has the option to choose the features that his website specifically needs. The cost will be charged only for those features. For example, it is like building your own house with features that you need. It is more expensive than the Shared hosting. It can handle high traffic in the site around the globe and loads super fast.

Hints to safeguard your website

  • Renew your domain before the end date.
  • Check for trademark issues.
  • Do check the copyright issues before buying a domain name.
  • Use the security protocols to secure resources of your website.

So, what are you waiting for?

Begin your journey of digital transformation of your business by building your own website!”

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