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Startup Tribes – A MakersTribe Community

We are living in the age of startups with more and more entrepreneurs working their hearts out and creating innovative products and services to benefit mankind. Every day we are witnessing a startup is born in India and disrupting the way we live. PayTM was a startup and immensely transformed the way we Indians do transactions.

Chennai city is one of the major hubs with a huge number of people moving to startup culture and giving birth to their ideas. It doesn’t matter where you live, your one innovative idea could be the next big thing investors are looking for. Join us at Startup Tribes, a MakersTribe community for Startup enthusiasts to connect, learn, share, and collaborate.

Who We Are

MakersTribe is a maker space situated in Chennai focused to bring social development through technology. Here we have and continue to build communities that provide a platform for college students and professionals to have knowledge gaining experience and connecting them to better opportunities.

What We Do

If you an individual and looking to become an entrepreneur, building your startup but struggling to get going or you are someone who owns and run a startup and would like to engage with other enthusiasts to identify, correct your mistakes, learn new things, and looking to leverage your company then you must become a part of Startup Tribes.

Here we aim to give direction, guidance, mentorship, and share opportunities to startup builders.

The attendees of the Startup Tribes community can learn about,

  • How to register a new company
  • How to file a patent successfully
  • How to get Trademarks and Copyrights
  • How to do a GST registration for their company

We also groom them in the following ways,

  • Create an elevator pitch
  • Under the Startup Culture
  • How to approach an investor
  • How the startup ecosystem works

When it is Started and How it is Designed?

The community Startup Tribes got started a few years back along with MakersTribe. The community sees participants like Startup owners, individuals working on their ideas, people struggling to create a winning pitch seeking investments, and others who have a liking to the startup culture.

We conduct Workshops and meetup events for everyone to meet in one space and share & learn about the Startup culture. We have conducted a total of 6 Startup Tribes meetups till now.


The community aims and continuously delivers a great number of opportunities for people through our offline and online workshops and meetup events.

  • Networking
  • Listen from Investors
  • Listen from 50 Startup companies
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Create your startup
  • Get suggestions on ideas
  • Create a sustainable startup culture
  • Help one another

How to Join the Community

DM us on Instagram @makers_tribe, to join the WhatsApp group

Upcoming events

Planning is in progress, kindly stay tuned.

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